Comic 1759 - what the actual fu -

3rd Aug 2022, 12:00 AM
what the actual fu -
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Tokyo Rose 3rd Aug 2022, 12:00 AM edit delete
Tokyo Rose
no seriously like what the fuck, Cent, did you disturb an ancient burial ground or something, what kind of bullshittery is happening in your PC lately
Centcomm 3rd Aug 2022, 1:20 AM edit delete
Daz studio decided that it wanted to totally stop rendering anything.. so i finnally had to rip it out and reinstall the whole damn thing.
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Gilrandir 3rd Aug 2022, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
Apparently @Centcomm is now both Daz3d and Confused. ^_^
Evervigilant 3rd Aug 2022, 2:10 AM edit delete reply
You could draw the conclusion that Cent was rendered totally unable to post a comic due to technical difficulties.
megados 3rd Aug 2022, 4:56 AM edit delete reply

So, is she Jimmy Page or Jake Holmes? I can understand the confusion. ☞( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
Ryu Santos 3rd Aug 2022, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
I'd suggest holy water, but that will cause technical issues.
Kiddeagle 3rd Aug 2022, 2:24 PM edit delete reply
A techorcism might be called for. Someone contact Zero of the Church of the First Circuit.
Just_IDD 4th Aug 2022, 4:07 AM edit delete reply
I keep mouthwash in a bottle labeled holy water. I'm pretty sure that would also cause problems.
Weiser 3rd Aug 2022, 1:48 AM edit delete reply
I still stick with Poser. That's why.
Centcomm 3rd Aug 2022, 6:43 AM edit delete reply

Poser costs too much anymore.
megados 3rd Aug 2022, 4:57 AM edit delete reply

Is this a further extension of what happened on the previous page?
Centcomm 3rd Aug 2022, 6:43 AM edit delete reply

yes im guessing it is
mjkj 3rd Aug 2022, 6:06 AM edit delete reply

oh noes...

...I hope it can be rendered operative soon again...
megados 3rd Aug 2022, 6:13 AM edit delete reply

Igor 3rd Aug 2022, 8:33 AM edit delete reply
Backups (of your files) is a beautiful thing - hope you had some!

Also think of archiving to DVD-RW. Justin Case.
Centcomm 3rd Aug 2022, 8:48 AM edit delete reply

yes this didnt affect the comic files.. i keep the library and the program in two seperate locations JUST for this reason.
TMLutas 3rd Aug 2022, 10:14 AM edit delete reply
Learn to love Docker and keep backups of your image so you can just roll back to previous.
Just_IDD 4th Aug 2022, 4:01 AM edit delete reply
docker is good for CPU AND MEMORY containing processing applications on linux. Using an application that does math is one thing, 3d image rendering is something completely different and hits the bus and card in a completely different way.

Also Cent is an artist, not a computer scientist. I wouldn't expect her to be running Linux which is the only slight chance to get a decent doker container to begin with.
KarToon12 3rd Aug 2022, 5:08 PM edit delete reply

Here's hoping everything works out for you soon. <3
Rashala 3rd Aug 2022, 11:07 PM edit delete reply

This is why I keep sledge hammer labeled hardware maintenance beside my pc. Keeps the programs on it honest!
Centcomm 6th Aug 2022, 6:08 PM edit delete reply

there will be a page next week :D
megados 6th Aug 2022, 7:16 PM edit delete reply

Good news to hear :D
I'm guessing that means you got DAZ back under control?
Centcomm 7th Aug 2022, 5:58 AM edit delete reply

yep that would be the case!!
mjkj 8th Aug 2022, 4:25 AM edit delete reply

Yayyy, great to hear ♡
Evervigilant 9th Aug 2022, 2:03 AM edit delete reply
Well daz is good newz. :)
Igor 9th Aug 2022, 9:34 AM edit delete reply
Are we there yet, CentCom?
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