Links of comics I enjoy and you might too!


Serpents of old

Seriously .. why arent you reading this??

Liberty Lass

A CGI comic that i also happen to like and styled after golden age comics.. So no skin or cursing. But its got a very city of heros flavor! Check it out!!!


 Autumn Bay

The myths and legends of old, the mad ravings of a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, even a lot of what you see in the tabloids; they're all true. The world is far stranger than most people realize, and even the most outlandish of things, under the right circumstances, could happen. Myriad beshadowed factions have carefully guarded this secret throughout history.

One night, an explosion of cosmic energy tears open this carefully maintained veil, and at the center of it all is an entity known as Nesariel.

A team of specialists gather to hunt this mysterious being. Two friends on a night out are whisked away to a nightmarish future. An investigative journalist searches for the truth, even if it costs her life and liberty. A scientist on the fringe of what's considered possible analyzes the strangeness. More and more people are drawn into the bizarre world behind the one we know.

Lives change, and the truth comes to light about a city where anything can happen



The Old West has been overrun by lycanthropes, creatures that transform into wolves every night and terrorize the human population. A group known as "The Nightriders" has formed to deal with the threat, but even with their special skills they are no match for the rapidly spreading curse of the werewolf. Now one girl holds the key to the survival of mankind; however, she is reluctant to use it when she knows that it might mean the end of her best friend's life.


Can a girl really find true love in a nuclear-winter-zombie-apocalypse?
Probably not but she can have fun trying.


These vast distances of space are only traversed by the benefit of massive star bases that generate the extensive amounts of energy needed to fold space. These star bases have been in use for almost a century and are now considered a common sight in the galaxy. But there was a time when it wasn’t as safe to travel the folds and ships were lost. It was rumored that when a ship disappeared it fell in to an unknown area of space...a place halfway between the origin and destination... a place known as “The Crease”.

Ensign Sue Must Die

 This fun little strip pokes massive fun at the whole "Mary sue concept" its also great fun!

Monster Soup

A group of misfit monsters are sentenced to live under the same roof--a castle belonging to mad scientist, who is serving his own sentence for unethical experiments. The real question is, can a hodgepodge group of monsters live under the same roof? (Some comedy, horror, and a little bit of everything else.)

Super Chibi Girl

Young biracial Texan journalist Allison Fe'oma collides with the ultimate news story -- a fugitive space alien has crashed into her kitchen, and he needs her help to stop more of his kind from attacking Austin. Then, a near-death experience leads to a shocking transformation in Allison. But the changes to her life and body mean that she must fight a battle on two fronts: extraterrestrial terrorists from without, uncertainty and turmoil from within. Can Allison adapt to her circumstances and move on with this new life as Super Chibi Girl?


  Eternal Knights

Haunted by lost loved ones and the friend she couldn't save, suicidal immortal knight Kathryn "Artemis" Kennedy finds reasons to live in new friend Detective Erica Richards and squire Julia... but also finds a way to die.


Comic about a girl who is wondering what the heck is going on mostly shes often snarky and the comic is a good read

A comic of magic, fantasy, and obscure pop-culture references. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sandra and Woo is a comedy webcomic featuring the girl Sandra North and her pet raccoon Woo. While most strips are just supposed to be funny or tell an interesting story, some also deal with more serious topics such as the destruction of the environment. We also want to show what growing up means for Sandra and her best friends in middle school, Cloud and Larisa. Another regular feature of the comic are Woo’s trips to the forest to meet his furry friends Shadow (a fox) and Sid (a squirrel) and his love interest Lily. Since fall 2009, a significant number of strips features Cloud and Larisa as main characters.

A wizard from the 10th century is summoned into the 22nd century to act as a teacher.

Sadly the wizard can barely conjure magic thanks to a total global lack of other wizards.

To restore magic to the world first the world must be restored it's self.

A witty and funny strip done by D.P. Allee the humor is off kilter and heavy into tropes and outright sarcastic lampshading

you HAVE to see it to belive it !

One of my Strips about the "first contact" in Datachasers

 Semi-serious strip about a fantasy elf and her adventures - Inspired by Table top Roleplaying and Vid Games

Short storys by comic fury artists ( including me ! )

Historical/magical comic aboout a girl that travels back in time ( very manga ish some NSFW)

very tounge in cheek comic about old school dungeons and dragons elf ( some NSFW )

about demons and the strange relations they have ! very guy on guy..

Set ( the lizard ) is a uromastyx maliensis, more commonly known as a spiny-tailed lizard. With questionable intellect,

an overbearing attitude of entitlement, and a god complex, Set has trouble accepting the fact that he is just a pet lizard

and not really the Egyptian god of deserts, chaos and storms for which he was named.

the adventures of a dwarf who was trapped in the MMO realms with amusing results... also done by a friend of mine READ IT!

Sci-fi comic about a well the banner says it all very cute comic!

funny as hell strip about a girl and her .. made up friends.. sorta?

stunningly painted strip about a young girl trapped in a strange universe with a even stranger friend ...

Strip with excellent art some NSFW sci fi adventure !

Hand done strip about a gal trpped in a strange body not her own.. the title does make sense..

a very .. angry alien. loads of funny humor clips

manga type strip still new .. but promising.

RPG comic centering on the adventures of several groups in a home brew RPG very old school look

with a vid game feel check it out - the story is good!

Cat Hero's epic Catventures as an Hero, starring Cat Hero as Cat Hero,

by Cat Hero; is a graphical representation of the (mis)adventures of a cat-person named Cat Hero,

whose arch-nemesis is CatoreH, a life-sized cardboard cutout of a (very) badly drawn cat-person.

Half a quick comic, half an experiment to see if single-panel gag-a-day style can actually convey a story,

and be good doing it.

Really cool strip about a bunch of kids and the issues they have !

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